Amid the murk of my childhood, I unearthed a refuge – a mysterious world beyond reality's rigidity. As a child, I assumed a solemn duty: to explore celestial bodies and unearth realms steeped in silence. With fervent dedication, I fashioned intricate maps, transforming these dreamscapes into believable, inhabitable neighborhoods within the recesses of my imagination. This clandestine mission was my sanctuary, where dreams took form and reality's harshness retreated.

Day after day, my ancestors whispered wisdom, guiding my hand to ensure I never abandoned my quest to breathe life into these reveries, making them tangible and authentic. They were steadfast companions, illuminating my path through the inky night like ancient constellations, revealing the secrets known solely to dreamers.

I am Rachel Garcia, a Bronx-based immigrant Surrealist painter. My art commenced at the tender age of seven, a concealed passion that remained shrouded until 2014. My art is an excavation, a journey into the depths of my soul, an exploration of the elusive connection between my deepest desires and the relentless monsters that stalk my nightmares.

From the very onset of my artistic odyssey, dreams have been my steadfast companions. Driven by necessity, I mastered the art of taming my dreams, transforming them into allies in my daily battle against nightly terrors. Out of the abyss emerged enchanting and whimsical characters that enveloped my immigrant existence in the tumultuous Bronx of the 90s. When words faltered, art emerged as the universal language of my world, where colors, shapes, and shadows spoke with eloquence beyond words.

My art draws from a diverse tapestry of influences, ranging from Karl Marx to the enigmatic dreamscapes painted by Salvador Dalí. My work thrives on the infusion of knowledge, transforming the mundane into a fantastical world. Surreal images haunt me like elusive apparitions, persistently following until they find their place on canvas. My art beckons you to explore the depths of my subconscious, to confront the enigmatic, captivating monsters dwelling within us all.

I create portals, mystical gateways leading to spaces where healing unfolds in the embrace of imagination. These portals invite you to navigate through the tumultuous seas of emotions, where love and hate surge with raw intensity. Step through the threshold and join me in the twilight realms where dreams merge with reality, where shadows transmute into radiant light.
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