Rachel Garcia is a Bronx based neo-surrealist painter and illustrator. Since working on art since the age of seven, it wasn’t till recently that she started to pursue her passion in the arts. Rachel’s work explores the relationship between her inner most desires and monsters that haunt her nightmares. Ever since the age of seven Rachel has been fascinated by the world created in dreams. At an early age she was taught to control her dreams at night as an act of defiance to fight her night terrors.

Rachel remembers creating magical and whimsical characters to defeat the darkness that she would encounter living in the Bronx as an immigrant in the 90s. What started out as a hopeless situation soon became a super power Rachel possessed. Growing up she struggled with assimilating and the English language. Art became the language for her world when she had the inability to have the words for it.

With a wide range of influences from Karl Marx to Salvador Dalí, new information synthesized in Rachel’s brain and turned the mundane into a fantasy world. In her dreams she receive surreal images that follow her like a ghost until she placed them into a canvas. Rachel’s art offers a look into her subconscious and creates images that speak to our inner monsters.
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